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Awards and prizes


EPSA 2011

The Knowledge Based Economy Project has received a new certification of Good Practice at the 2011 „European Public Sector Awards” (EPSA) within the European Institution of Public Administration.

The Best Practice Certificate has been received upon three evaluation steps made by an experienced jury, comprising a shortlist of 58 nominees from a total of 274 projects from 33 participating countries. The Ministry of Communications and Information Society, through the Project Management Unit, competed  in the EPSA 2011 Awards at the „Smart Public Service in a Cold Economic Climate”category. This Best Practice distinction rewards and certify the outstanding results that KEP Project has had until now.


The COMPUTERWORLD Honors Program

The Project Management Unit, within the Ministry of Communications and Information Society, has been named a Laureate in the 2011 ComputerWorld Honors Program.

The „Knowledge based Economy Project” joins 254 others from 23 countries as Laureates in this year’s program, from more than 1000 applicants world wide.

The Awards Ceremony will be held in June, 20th 2011, in Washington D.C., USA.


National Agency of Public Servants

1st Prize at the National Competition of Best Practices in Public Administration, , for "Improving public services through quality management and organizational performance" category, organized by the National Agency of Public Servants in 2010.

Knowledge based Economy Project is considered to be an example of good practice in Romania's public administration due to its remarkable results, its proven efficiency and its disseminated practices.



Finalist, at the International Project Excellence Awards 2010, in "Project Excellence in Medium-Sized Projects" category, organized by the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

The solid implementation and success of the IT&C Training Program in school and business and the eCommunity.ro Portal, both part of the KEP Project, have impressed the IPMA jury (Project Management International Association), who recommends them as one of the most important achievements in project management.


e-Inclusion 2008

Medal at the e-Inclusion Competitionorganized by the European Commission, at the section “Geographic Inclusion” section, Vienna, 2008. The Knowledge based Economy Project is considered an example of good practice for effective use of IT&C and digital technology to tackle social disadvantage and digital exclusion.


Romanian IT&C Awards 2006

Knowledge Based Economy was considered to be the "Project with the best informational content" at the Romanian IT&C Awards – Bucharest, 2006, for contributing to the extensive process of expanding access to information technologies and modern communications to rural communities.

World Bank: KEP, very relevant to Romania’s development strategy

The Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) highly accelerated the participation of 255 under-privileged Romanian communities (representing 44% of Romania’s total number of under-privileged communities) in the country’s “knowledge society”. The conclusion is backed by the final indicators included inread entire text

KEP Jurilovca named European Destination of Excellence 2013

Jurilovca is the grand winner of the EDEN (European Destinations of Excellence) Competition this year, thanks to the accessible tourism organised nationally by the National Tourism Agency, according to the criteria agreed upon with the European Commission. The participation file in this competitionread entire text

Sărulești: ”Knowledge-Based Economy Project brings new European life to an otherwise isolated community”

The knowledge and experience accumulated while implementing the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Society, have fundamentally changed the way in which the youngest citizens of Sărulești , Călărași, look to the future. Only in the lastread entire text

School and library – the most important KEP interventions in 2012

Education and culture were the major intervention areas of the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) in 2012. Implemented throughout last year, the programme called “Technical assistance for use of IT&C resources in rural schools and libraries” launched a challenge targeting teachers and pupils fromread entire text

RECL manager Cornelia Presadă, “an example for all librarians in Brăila”

By simply searching for the name “Cornelia Presadă” on the blog of the Brăila County Library, one can find several articles highlighting her worthy initiatives. The most recent is called «The profession of giving», and offers a long description of the work the RECL manager in Mircea Vodă hasread entire text

Belin Secondary School wins e-Holidays 2012 competition

The eighth edition of e-Holidays was the second time that teachers and children from the „Bölöni Farkas Sándor” School in Belin (Covasna County) participated in the competition, which is a component of the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) implemented by the Ministry of Communications andread entire text

IT&C tools, the main resources used by eEntrepreneur 2012 winners to foster the local business environment

The eEntrepreneur competition has reached its second edition, aiming to identify the best 6 business plans of rural, small entrepreneurs, created jointly with local RECL managers. These plans will be financed and their creators will receive three months’ worth of implementation assistance. By theread entire text

KEP, the chance for social reintegration and inclusion

Marginalisation and social exclusion are often due not just to economic criteria, but to lack of basic skills and competences, illiteracy or senior age. Reintegrating such people in society, whether they are children, adults or elderly, is an important goal for the 229 RECL managers throughoutread entire text

Păsăreni becomes a small business centre, Thanks to the Knowledge-Based Economy Project

Stimulating entrepreneurial initiatives for sustainable local development is one of the major objectives of the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) implemented by Ministry of Communications and Information Society. The first step to help entrepreneurs was to organise intensive courses regardingread entire text

Media shows a lot of interest for the KEP projects at Vintileasca School

TVR Iași and the newspapers Monitorul de Vrancea and Ziarul de Vrancea have all featured the successful activities of the Vintileasca School in the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) implemented by Ministry of Communications and Information Society. In the last weeks, the two newspapers wroteread entire text


Choir started by Vărăști RECL manager puts on shows for December 1st and Christmas

Children in the „Whispers of Angels” choir, started by Vărăști RECL manager, Cosmin Constantin, are busy at work to prepare the show for the National Day of Romania. The spectacular shows they staged this year earned the kids an invitation to sing during Christmas in the Greaca Domain tourist area.read entire text

27.12.2013 | Culture | 198

Biblionet rewarded a project taking place in Tulgheș and Sângeorgiu de Pădure

A project called ATES – „Healthy, Traditional and Balanced Diet”, implemented by the Tulgheș library in partnership with the Sângeorgiu de Pădure City Library in the eCULTURA KEP competition, was rewarded in the Biblionet National Programme, in the contest called „Ideas for tomorrow at the localread entire text

08.12.2013 | Culture | 198

KEP, seen as an eye-opener and job creator for Arbore

The Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Society was for the community in Arbore, in the county of Suceava, a source of important benefits, says the local RECL manager. Youth were helped integrate easier in the technology savvy world weread entire text

08.12.2013 | Administration | 438

Vine-growers in Diosig and Recaș receive KEP support during recession

For the communes of Recaș, in Timiș County, and Diosig, in Bihor County, the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP), coordinated by the Ministry of Communications and Information Society and funded by the World Bank and Romanian Government, was a chance to revitalise vine-growing, the main activityread entire text

08.12.2013 | Business | 461

Farmers in Roata de Jos ask for a ‘First House’-type programme for agriculture

The information caravan “NRDP comes to your village” regarding European funds for the development of agriculture and the Romanian village, reached Roata de Jos (Giurgiu) in November. It’s the largest campaign aiming to advertise European funds in rural localities. Farmers in the KEP community alsoread entire text

08.12.2013 | Business | 461

Rewards for Sărmașu pupils involved in KEP projects

Projects implemented through Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) last year stimulated pupils in Sărmașu (Mureș County) and guided them towards education, culture and literature. Some children wrote their own papers, and their worth was recognised in local, county and even national competitions.read entire text

08.12.2013 | Education | 447

Original education method used by RECL Baru

The commune of Baru (Hunedoara County) had a lot to win from the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Society, especially when it came to educating local youth. Meetings with sons of the village who became personalities of public liferead entire text

08.12.2013 | Education | 447

18 Latvian teachers visit Vulcana Băi thanks to KEP-initiated Comenius project

A new stage, a new visit and good practice exchange, part of the Comenius Regio Coaction project „Cooperation without barriers between regions in Latvia and Romania to improve the educational offer”, took place recently in Vulcana-Băi (Dâmbovița). At the end of 2012, Romanian partners visitedread entire text

07.12.2013 | Education | 447

"PNDR comes to your village" campaign reaches PAPI Homocea

The largest European funds awareness campaign, aiming to inform people in rural areas and called “PNDR comes to your village”, reached Homocea in autumn. The promoter of this campaign was Adina Grama, the RECL manager in the community which was part of the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP)read entire text

07.12.2013 | Business | 461

Two new businesses open thanks to PAPI Schela

Following an awareness campaign implemented in spring by the Schela City Hall and PAPI centre, regarding LAG access to non-reimbursable European funds, two local entrepreneurs won financing. The two locals will start businesses or expand their current business.read entire text

07.12.2013 | Business | 461

RECL Vaideeni helps 140 young unemployed become entrepreneurs

Locals in the KEP community of Vaideeni and the neighbouring community of Costești (Vâlcea County) are taking place in an entrepreneurship course organised at PAPI Vaideeni, using the modern equipment offered by the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) implemented by the Ministry of Communicationsread entire text

07.12.2013 | Business | 461

A new project signed PAPI Valea Moldovei: support for Rroma population situation of risk

PAPI Valea Moldovei (Suceava) was involved in writing an UNICEF-funded project, whose first results will be visible in the following five months. The local City Hall partnered with the Secondary School, the Individual Medical Dispensary, Police Station and Valea Moldovei Preachy, in order to start aread entire text

07.12.2013 | Administration | 438

PAPI Sângeorgiu de Pădure wins projects for people all over the county

In Sângeorgiu de Pădure, Mureș County, PAPI is a success story. Just lately, five projects with European funding were won and PAPI employees had a full contribution to writing the documentation both for Sângeorgiu de Pădure and for other communities in the county.read entire text

07.12.2013 | Administration | 438

KEP, a chance for Jimbolia to become a civilised European city

For Jimbolia, Timiș, KEP was an opportunity for the community and public administration to get involved in projects which could put the locality on the map of civilised European cities. Attracting the needed European funds proved to be less complicated thanks to the experience acquired by the RECLread entire text

07.12.2013 | Administration | 438

RECL Jurilovca, on stage in Bruxelles for „European Excellence Award for Accesible Tourism”

Jurilovca, a European destination of excellence, was rewarded for accesible tourism, a distinction officially received in Bruxelles on November 11 by the RECL manager Paul Condrat. He also signed the papers through which Jurilovca joins the EDEN network, which will bring several advantages to theread entire text

07.12.2013 | Administration | 438

„Vasile Militaru” Cultural Centre – RECL Vărăști main project for 2014

Inaugurating the Vărăști cultural centre, an initiative started in 2012 by the RECL manager, entered its final stage and is now the main goal for 2014. The centre will be named after local poet Vasile Militaru, whom the RECL manager nominated as an honorary citizen of Vărăști commune.read entire text

07.12.2013 | Culture | 198

RECL Pătârlagele aims to involve youth in social and civic activities

Last year, the RECL manager in Pătârlagele, Buzău County, organised a project called „Preserving local traditions and customs in a European context”. Building on that experience, he is now working on a new project, „We make the difference”, which he will submit in autumn for the Youth in Actionread entire text

07.12.2013 | Culture | 198

eCULTURA results, presented to museum director by RECL Sângeorgiu de Pădure

The partnership signed by RECL Sângeorgiu de Pădure with the Ethnographic Museum Târgu Mureș, in order to continue the project DigiCult which started under the KEP umbrella, shows the first results. the RECL manager Istvan Menyhart was invited to a session of scientific communications taking placeread entire text

07.12.2013 | Culture | 198

RECL Sângeorgiu de Pădure talks about financing at theatre festival

The RECL manager in Sângeorgiu de Pădure (Mureș) loses no opportunity to promote the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) and advertise the effects it continues to have when it comes to providing opportunities to write projects and get European funds. Even at a theatre festival, PAPI managed toread entire text

06.12.2013 | Administration | 438

KEP helps Teregova locals turn from unemployed to entrepreneurs

For the commune of Teregova, in Caraș-Severin County, the Knowledge-Based Economy Project (KEP) implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Society meant first and foremost cutting unemployment among locals.read entire text

06.12.2013 | Administration | 438



Centrul PAPI si Biblioteca din Mircea Voda in spatiu nou

star-five | Diverse | 243

In curand Caminul cultural din comuna Mircea Voda, Braila va intra in reabilitare, asa ca Centru PAPI si Biblioteca Comunala au fost mutate intr-un spatiu nou. Conditiile sunt foarte bune ( spatiu, caldura, lumina) pentru desfasurarea in foarte bune conditii a activitatilor. Cartile siread entire text


Scoala Mircea Voda a implinit 90 de ani

star-three | Diverse | 243

In aceasta toamna, pe 27 octombrie 2014, Scoala Gimnaziala Mircea Voda a fost in mare sarbatoare.Hramul scolii este Sfantul Dimitrie cel nou si cu aceasta ocazie scoala a fost centrul comunitatii. Anul acesta scoala noastra a implinit 90 de ani, o varsta tanara in comparatie cu alte scoli. Au fostread entire text


Colectare ulei uzat in scoli si licee -Educatie Ecologica-

star-five | Diverse | 243

Colectare ulei uzat Romania se confrunta cu o criza acuta in ceea ce priveste educatia ecologica. Sistemul de invatamant nu pune accent si nu aloca suficiente resurse pentru aceasta latura de baza a educatiei tinerilor. Din acest motiv in colaborare cu Agentia Nationala pentru Protectia Mediului amread entire text


Simpozion judetean despre dezvoltarea durabila

star-four | Diverse | 243

Joi 5 iunie 2014, de Ziua mediului, a fost organizat la Liceul Tehnologic Dimitrie Bolintineanu din Bolintin Vale simpozionul judetean " Mediul ambiant si dezvoltarea durabila " Simpozionul este o activitate a proiectului "Mai mult verde pentru sanatatea ta ", proiect implementat in cadrul liceuluiread entire text


Promovarea traditiilor si obiceiurilor

star-five | Diverse | 243

Sambata 3 mai 2014, a avut loc in localitatea Jitia , judetul Buzau o sezatoare sateasca " Datini , joc si voie buna". La aceasta sezatoare au participat ansambluri din judetele limitrofe. Din comuna Mircea Voda, Braila, au participat Ansamblul Vulturasul, Grupul Mirceanca si Grupul Ionu din satulread entire text


Cumparaturi Accesibile

star-none | Diverse | 243

Daca sunteti in cautare de diferite produse accesibile ca pret, cu siguranta ca cea mai buna optiune pe care ar trebui sa o luat in calcul este shopping-ul online. In Romania aceasta metoda de a face cumparaturi nu este inca foarte bine implementata, dar sunt extrem de multe avantaje de pe urmaread entire text


Biblioteca si Centrul PAPI in Mircea Voda pline de utilizatori

star-five | Diverse | 243

La biblioteca si la Centrul PAPI din comuna Mircea Voda, vin zilnic o multime de utilizatori de toate varstele. Ei stiu ca aici gasesc informatiile necesare, activitati pe plac si totdeauna usa larg deschisa. Se organizeaza activitati pentru copii, femei, pensionari, antreprenori si se promoveazaread entire text


„ŞCOALA ÎN OGLINDA TIMPULUI” – 1863-2013, 150 de ani de învăţământ în comuna Iaslovăţ din Bucovina. Aniversare la Şcoala Gimnazială Nr.1 Iaslovăţ

star-four | Diverse | 243

În străvechea aşezare din Bucovina, comuna Iaslovăţ, care a împlinit 565 de ani de la prima menţiune documentară – 1 aprilie 1448 din timpul lui Petru Muşat al II-lea - în ziua Sfântului Nicolae din acest an, cu ocazia hramului locuitorilor comunei, a avut loc la Şcoala Gimnazială Nr.1 Iaslovăţ,read entire text


! Decembrie

star-five | Diverse | 243

La multi ani Romania ! La 1 Decembrie sarbatorim 95 de ani de la Marea Unire. Sa nu ii uitam niciodata pe cei ce au facut ca un vis sa devina realitate.read entire text


Un buget pentru Europa 2020

star-three | Diverse | 243

La sfârşitul lunii trecute managerul RECL Sangeorgiu de Pădure a participat la adunarea generală anuală a centrelor de informare Europe Direct din Europa. Adunarea generală anuală a avut loc la Sofia şi a durat trei zile. Au fost abordate mai multe subiecte de interes pentru politicile Uniuniiread entire text


Programul eCultură produce rezultate la Sângeorgiu de Pădure și după un an de la finalizare

star-none | Diverse | 243

De și proiectul “DigiCult” implementat de Biblioteca Orășenească Sângeorgiu de Pădure în cadrul programului eCultură a fost finalizat de un an, proiectul produce rezultate și în prezent. Muzeul Etnografic din Târgu Mureș derulează programul cultural “Un secol de istorie locală în imagini”, iarread entire text


Alege sa fii antreprenor pentru o zi!

star-two | Diverse | 243

Proiectul de parteneriat educaţional ALEGE SĂ FII ANTREPRENOR PENTRU O ZI! completează prin activitatea propusă, schimbul de bune practici realizat de catre elevii şi profesorii firmelor de exerciţiu din Liceul Tehnologic Economic-Admistrativ Piatra-Neamţ. Spiritul antreprenorial se descoperă peread entire text


PNDR vine in satul tau !

star-three | Diverse | 243

Vineri 15 noiembrie caravana de informare privind fondurile europene pentru dezvoltarea agriculturii si satului romanesc este la Roata de Jos, judetul Giurgiu. Campania de informare "PNDR VINE IN SATUL TAU" presupune derularea unui circuit national de informare a beneficiarilor (actuali siread entire text


La Multi Ani !

star-none | Diverse | 243

Cu ocazia sarbatoririi Sfintilor Arhangheli Mihail si Gavril doresc fericire, sanatate si bucurii ttuturor ce poarta numele sfintilor : La multi ani Gabriela, Mihaela, Gabriel si Mihai ! Sfântul Arhanghel Mihail ete una dintre capeteniile îngerilor. Numele sau poate fi tradus prin "Cine esteread entire text


Cursuri gratuite pentru e-facilitatori

star-five | Diverse | 243

Proiectul « Reinforcing the Attractiveness, Impact and Skills of e-Facilitators for e-inclusion – Creșterea competențelor e-facilitatorilor pentru creșterea atractivității și a impactului proiectelor de incluziune socială» este un proiect european realizat prin cooperarea a şase ţări din Europa.read entire text


Ecoinovatia tratata la nivel european

star-five | Diverse | 243

În perioada 09.09.2013 - 13.09.2013 s-a desfăşurat în Malta, cursul „Eco Innovation, Environment & Sustainable Development” , organizat de MECB Ltd . Au participat specialişti în protecţia mediului din 6 ţări (Marea Britanie, Italia, România, Irlanda, Croaţia şi Malta), printre aceştia fiind şiread entire text


Comunicat de presa al Bibliotecii Mircea Voda, Braila

star-five | Diverse | 243

Program : Biblionet Proiect : eComunicare in familie Finanţator : IREX prin programul Biblionet Solicitant : Primăria Comunei Mircea Vodă, județ Brăila Comunicat de presă Se finalizeaza proiectul „ eComunicare in familie” Primaria Mircea Vodă – judet Braila, anunţa finalizarea, începând curead entire text


Centru suport pentru tineri

star-five | Diverse | 243

CENTRUL SUPORT PENTRU TINERI IN ORASUL PATARLAGELE Asociatia Sudcarpatica, in parteneriat cu Primaria Orasului Patarlagele si Liceul Teoretic "Radu Vladescu" din Patarlagele, anunta ca in perioada 1 iulie 2013- 30 octombrie 2013 se va derula proiectul „Centrul suport pentru tineri” finantat , inread entire text


EBC- ne-a pregatit pentru scriere si implemntare proiecte

star-five | Diverse | 243

I n cadrul proiectului eComunicare in familie, obiectivele au fost atinse. Am avut multe intalniri si am petrecut mult timp impreuna. La cursul de initiere in utilizarea calculatorului am avut 30 de participanti, copii si parinti sau bunici care au rude plecate in strainatate. Nu credeam ca dinread entire text


Biblioteca Mircea Voda implementeaza inca un proiect

star-five | Diverse | 243

In vara anului trecut Biblioteca Mircea Voda, a fost fericita castigatoare a unei finatari in cadrul Grantului eCultura Anul acesta am aplicat iar ins ape un alt grant Am fost foarte fericiti cand printre cei sase castigatori in runda a 3 a, in cadrul Programului Biblionet, Grantul ” Idei de 4000 +”read entire text


Schemă de grant-uri ce a urmărit îmbunătățirea competitivităţii firmelor românești.
mai multe detalii...Articole


Competiție pentru stimularea mediului de business local sprijinind inițiativele antreprenorilor EBC.
mai multe detalii...Articole

Proiecte Administraţie locală

Proiecte depuse de Administratiile Publice locale cu scopul de a atrage finatari nerambursabile
mai multe detalii...Articole


Cadru de experimentare a unor modalităţi inovative de învăţare şi predare, inter şi transdisciplinar.
mai multe detalii...Articole

Proiecte Educationale

Promovarea celor mai reuşite proiecte curriculare dezvoltate în cadrul programului de Asistență Tehnică pentru utilizarea TIC.
mai multe detalii...Articole


Acordarea de granturi pentru dezvoltarea de proiecte culturale de către bibliotecile locale și școlare.
mai multe detalii...Articole


Ţăndărei is a city in Ialomiţa County, Muntenia, Romania. In 1968, by the Law no. 2 from 16.02.1968, issued by the National Assembly, Ţăndărei was declared city, formed by mixture of three villages: Ţăndărei, Ţăndărei Gară and Strachina.read entire text